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Energy & Muscle Supplement for Horses

Many horses are difficult to feed for performance due to feed allergy, muscular cramping, ulcers or weight. Others simply tire easily and struggle to sustain work at a high enough intensity.

Nupafeed's unique energy supplement for horses works by supporting the body's own ability to cycle energy and maintain muscle performance, without the use of sugars/carbohydrates.

Staying Power is a totally natural supplement that also supports muscle health and recovery.

Nupafeed Staying Power Liquid

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Nupafeed Staying Power Concentrated Syringes

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Hannah Patterson

Nupafeed Staying Power was a huge part of our success in achieving 2nd in the Young Rider Nations Cup of Hagen as my horse Daberlina was able to stay at her maximum strength and stamina over the two demanding rounds without causing her to become too fizzy. It kept her energy levels up after the long 2 days of travelling.”

Gemma Price

“I came to see you at Equifest to get some Staying Power for my daughter’s lazy Section B. We weren’t sure if they’d have enough time to work as he had two classes very shortly coming up (and an evening performance), but the results were incredible! I gave him the full syringe and in both classes he has never moved so forward, got placed in both and was still on top form for the evening. A massive thank you to Nupafeed Staying Power!”

Ian Chanin

“We had a very good time point to pointing last season with 10 winners from 9 horses many of which were in very soft ground and we believe they were helped significantly by Nupafeed Staying Power to find extra energy reserve in tough races. The Staying Power definitely helped build topline on young horses without fizzing them up. I would recommend it very highly”.

Chloe Astill

“Thank you for your help and advice – absolutely thrilled with how the horses felt on the Staying Power at Houghton last week.

They’ve never come out on the final day as well – they were full of beans! Flew through the trot up and jumped really well and didn’t feel as though they’d been cross country the day before!”