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Nupafeed-Dog Stress-Less

Stress-Less is a natural and non-drowsy solution for dogs experiencing anxiety or tension. It uses Nupafeed’s patented MAH magnesium compound to support healthy muscle and nerve function during times of stress.


Originally developed for human medicine, MAH is a unique, water soluble, amino magnesium which is able to enter the dogs’ body tissue freely, making it highly effective.  Its unique composition also means that it can be supplemented without changing urinal pH as other forms of magnesium do.


Magnesium is depleted from cells during times of stress, increasing the influx of calcium. This triggers the release of stress hormones and makes the nerves more reactive. As well as effecting dogs in the short term, if their diet does not adequately replace the lost magnesium, they can become increasingly sensitive to stressful situations.


Stress-Less is suitable for any dog showing signs of stress and anxiety. It also helps to relax muscles. Stress-Less is available in tablet and liquid form and the feeding regime can be adjusted to suit each dog.  


086 8051623

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100ml/tablets - €21.00

200ml/tablets - €38.00

The basic feeding rate is 1ml/tablet per 10Kg of bodyweight. This can be increased ahead of competition or especially stressful times.


For very small dogs, the liquid is usually easier to feed because you can measure it in very small quantities.

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