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“Kilnwood Drago competes at Advanced eventing and BD Medium. He is allergic to wheat and we have struggled to find a diet that gives him enough “ooomph” as he is a large framed, laid back warmblood prone to “wintering well”. He had his first syringe of Staying Power at Pontispool last Autumn, where he almost made the time XC (a first!), finished full of gallop and won the OI. Since coming back into work this year he has been on the Liquid in his feed and has lost weight quicker, is more muscled sooner and is enthusiastic from start to finish when working. Looking forward to a season full of running….many thanks!”


Tam Mial

Staying Power

Staying Power is a unique, patented supplement that uses pharmaceutical grade liquid L-Carnitine, developed with Verla-Pharm’s MAH® magnesium. The combined formula supports energy metabolism and muscle performance to help your horse work harder for longer and recover more quickly.


L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino type acid that is produced in the liver. It is crucially involved in the process of energy production and is needed for both substrate delivery and cell cycling.  The horse’s herbivorous diet is naturally very low in L-carnitine meaning that supplementation can benefit horses performing hard work.


In addition to its role in energy production, L-carnitine has been shown to improve muscle adaptations in response to training. Two year old Standardbred horses supplemented with L-carnitine showed increased fast twitch muscle fibre concentration and capillarisation (blood supply). These responses are directly related to a horse’s ability to perform and sustain powerful work.


Staying Power is suitable for any horse or pony that fatigues easily or needs to develop strength, including thoroughbred youngstock, hardworking warmbloods and good doers that run out of steam.


Staying Power supports healthy muscle function, energy metabolism and circulation, and does not add calories to the diet. This makes it especially useful for horses that require a restricted diet (due to weight, allergy, ulcers, muscle myopathy etc.).  


Staying Power is available as a daily Liquid and as Concentrated Syringes for quick, convenient use. To support overall fitness and strength, it is necessary to supplement Staying Power daily, but it can also be fed for short term needs such as competition, travel or a period of hot weather.



Patented L-carnitine formula


For sustained energy and strength without fizz


Supports healthy muscle function and energy metabolism


HRI, Turf Club, FEI, BHA and Jockey Club compliant


086 8051623

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“We had a very good time point to pointing last season with 10 winners from 9 horses many of which were in very soft ground and we believe they were helped significantly by Nupafeed Staying Power to find extra energy reserve in tough races. The Staying Power definitely helped build topline on young horses without fizzing them up."


Ian Channin

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