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Staying Power FAQs

How long will a bottle of Staying Power last?


The feeding rate for Staying Power Liquid is 5ml per 100Kg bodyweight, fed twice daily. This can be doubled to 10ml per 100Kg bodyweight, twice daily, around times of competition. Some horses can be maintained on one feed daily, but it is advised that two feeds are required when looking to build strength or support healthy muscle function.


At 25ml fed twice daily (the standard amount for a 500Kg horse) a 1ltr will last 20 days and a 3ltr will last 60 days.


Staying Power Concentrated Syringes can be given alone or in conjunction with the Liquid.



How do I use Staying Power Concentrated Syringes?


Give one Staying Power Syringe three hours before hard work. For maximum results with horses not using Staying Power Liquid, give one Syringe the night before also.



Do I need to feed staying Power every day?


Not if you only need it for occasional events. For short term energy requirements, Staying Power can be used by feeding 10ml per 100Kg in morning and evening feeds the day before, and again the morning of competition/training/travel. This can be maintained for as long as it is required.



How long will Staying Power take to work?


Initial improvements in stamina should become apparent after only a few feeds. After a few weeks, changes in fitness and strength should also be noticeable.



Can I feed Staying Power with an overweight/laminitis prone horse/pony?


Yes, Staying Power supports a healthy metabolism and does not add calories to the diet.



Will Staying Power cause unwanted behaviour?


Staying Power is not a source of calorific energy and does not therefore have the short lived heating effect associated with high energy feeds. Staying Power supports the natural energy cycle to promote stamina rather than exuberance.



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