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Nupafeed-Dog Stamina-Extra

Stamina-Extra is a patented, pharmaceutical grade, liquid L-Carnitine supplement for dogs that supports healthy muscle and cardiac function, energy metabolism and athleticism in dogs.


Stamina-Extra uniquely combines L-carnitine with MAH magnesium, which serves to facilitate absorption and works synergistically with L-carnitine to support muscle performance and healthy energy metabolism.


Stamina-Extra is suitable for three types of dog:


For hard working or competing dogs, Stamina-Extra supports stamina and muscle performance. It is best given every day to aid fittening, but can also be given for a short term need. For racing greyhounds, agility or similar, it is best to start feeding Stamina-Extra three weeks ahead of a period of competition.


For breeds susceptible to heart disease, both L-carnitine and magnesium are essential nutrients to support healthy cardiac function and circulation.


And for overweight dogs, Stamina-Extra supports healthy energy metabolism. It may help to promote the use of fat as an energy source, thereby improving energy levels and encouraging weight loss. Both ingredients are also associated with a healthy insulin response.

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200ml - €46.00

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Stamina-Extra is fed at a rate of 1ml per 10Kg bodyweight per day. This amount can be doubled around times of competition.


Stamina-Extra provides 0.2g of L-carnitine per 1ml.

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