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MAH Horse Calmer

Nupafeed MAH Calmer is a unique equine magnesium supplement, developed to target stressful or nervous behaviour in horses. MAH does not contain L-Tryptophan, herbs or any ingredient that may compromise performance.


The unique quality of Nupafeed MAH lays in the way it is refined. The German Pharmaceutical company, Verla-Pharm pioneered a unique method of refining magnesium to create Magnesium aspartate-hydrochloride - MAH.  


A completely different and superior grade of magnesium to that used in other calming products, MAH® is exclusive to Nupafeed. Verla-Pharm has been supplying the medical industry with their highly acclaimed products since 1949 and the equestrian market for the past 30 years.  


All cells need to have the correct balance of calcium and magnesium. During times of stress or excitement, magnesium is depleted. This allows calcium to overload muscle and nerve cells, increasing the release of stress hormones and excitatory chemicals. This can cause anxiety, erratic behaviour, aggression and/or muscle tension.


MAH is suitable for any stress related behaviour, both at home and in competition. It can be supplemented to horses working in any discipline, horses in training, those on box rest, sales prep etc. and is also suitable for foals, covering stallions and moody mares.


Nupafeed MAH Horse Calmer uses water soluble, complex, pure, amino magnesium which is able to enter the horses’ system very efficiently and absorb into tissue. The graph below demonstrates the absorption of MAH compared to other forms of magnesium that are marketed as ‘bioavailable’. Magnesium oxide is commonly used in cheap supplements but is not included here because its absorption is very poor.




The unique, non-drowsy calmer


Uses patented MAH magnesium


MAH Liquid suitable for daily calming


MAH Syringes suitable for competition, travel, sales etc.


HRI, Turf Club, FEI, BHA and Jockey Club compliant

Classen HG et al. Comparative Experimental Study in Animals on Magnesium Absorption from the Gastro-Intestinal Tract in the Forms of Sulfate, Chloride, Aspartate and Aspartate-Hydrochloride. Arzneimittel-Forschung (Drug Research) 1973; 23: 267-271

086 8051623

MAH has a further advantage of having equal molar amounts of hydrogen and chloride, meaning that it does not react with gastric acid. Unlike other forms of magnesium, MAH can be loaded without changing blood or urinal pH, or hindering the absorption of other nutrients (namely calcium, potassium and iron).


Nupafeed MAH Calmer is easy and flexible to use and can be introduced directly into your horses feed (or given by oral syringe). The feeding level can be adapted to suit each individual horse. For horses not needing help on a day to day basis, the MAH Concentrated Syringes are available for travel, sales, competition or other short term needs.


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"We have several horses on Nupafeed MAH Calmer. It's used on those that are, like their Trainer, rather highly strung!!"


James Fanshawe

MAH_John Whitaker_Argento

“We have used Nupafeed MAH

for several years after one of our owners, Mandy Hall, recommended it to us. We have used it very successfully on lots of different horses from our young horses to our older experienced international horses.”


John Whitaker

MAH_Sara Gallop_Bandreo

“I started using MAH for my Grand Prix horse Summerhouse Bandreo, he is a phenomenal horse, but has a tendency to get a little hot in the arena.  Since using the MAH I have noticed a massive difference in him, I couldn’t recommend the product enough.”


Sara Gallop

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MAH_James Fanshawe