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MAH Horse Calmer Questions

How much do I feed and how long will a bottle last?


Feeding rate varies considerably from horse to horse. Most horses require an initial loading amount of 150ml, split between two or three feeds per day. For ponies or youngstock, the loading amount is 30ml per 100Kg bodyweight per day, split between two or three feeds.


It is usually necessary to maintain the loading amount for 3-10 days before an improvement is seen. Thereafter, horses usually require 5-10ml per 100Kg once daily. Racehorses usually require this amount twice daily.


At 25ml per day, a 1ltr bottle will last 40 days.  You will use your first 1ltr quickly because of the initial loading amount, we recommend starting with the 3ltr for racehorses or sharper types.


You will receive full feeding information with your first order and our agent is available should you need advice, please contact us.



When should I use MAH Concentrated Syringes?


MAH Concentrated Syringes can be used for competition, race day, sales, travelling etc.


Horses not on the daily Liquid usually require one Syringe given three hours before the time of stress and a second Syringe an hour and a half before.


Horses using the daily liquid can be given one Syringe an hour and a half before the time of stress. The amount of Liquid can also be increased the night before and in the morning.  



Can I race/compete on MAH?


Yes, MAH has been fully screened and is compliant with all international governing bodies including the FEI, BHA and the Turf Club.



Will feeding MAH hinder performance?


Absolutely not, MAH actually supports athletic performance because magnesium is critical for muscle function and energy metabolism. It also helps to stop horses running their races too soon or running/jumping ‘blind’ due to stress.  


MAH does not contain any potentially drowsy ingredients such as herbs or L-tryptophan.



Is MAH safe to feed with other supplements or medications?




Note that magnesium can hinder the absorption of tetracycline antibiotics, for this reason they should be fed at least three hours apart.




If your question is not answered here, please contact us.

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