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Flex GLM 

Flex GLM is an innovative and uncompromising joint supplement for horses that uses the ‘miracle’ ingredient, Green Lipped Mussel.


Your horse’s joints are continually subject to wear and tear. Over time joints will inevitably age, this process is accelerated by injury, hard work, difficult ground or conformation faults. The result is stiff, uncomfortable joints that limit your horse’s performance and wellbeing. Providing the right joint nutrition can play a critical role in maintaining freedom of action.


Green Lipped Mussel is an extract with a long history of use with joints. The incredible efficacy of Green Lipped Mussel is attributed primarily to its Omega-3 content. As well as containing high levels of DHA and EPA (also found in fish oils), it contains the unique ETA. These forms of Omega-3 are much more potent than plant sources of Omega-3. They work by supporting the body’s anti-inflammatory process, an action which is further aided by a unique glycogen compound also found in Green Lipped Mussel.


Green Lipped Mussel is also a great source of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). These glucosamine based compounds form the vital building blocks of joint cartilage, helping to cushion and lubricate joint surfaces.


Flex GLM contains more Green Lipped Mussel per day than any other joint supplement for horses. We use only the highest quality, stabilised and freeze dried Green Lipped Mussel extract. This process is designed to protect the delicate structure of the extract, meaning that our supplement also provides more Omega-3 from Green Lipped Mussel than any other supplement.


For multi-action joint support Flex GLM also targets oxidation, an ongoing process that can be highly damaging to cells. Oxidation is increased by intense exercise, illness and tissue damage (among many other factors). Flex GLM contains high levels of the anti-oxidants vitamin E and selenium, to support healthy joint tissue and recovery after exercise.


Lastly we include a small amount of MAH magnesium, an essential mineral for the effective utilisation of calcium. This is important for both juvenile and aging joints. It contributes to bone strength and helps to prevent calcium from pooling in soft tissue, a characteristic of aging joints.


Flex GLM is an uncompromising supplement formulated to support hard working or aging joints. We take the extra measure of pelletising our joint supplement; this is important because it ensures even delivery of the trace nutrients and helps to protect the Green Lipped Mussel extract once it is on the shelf.


Uncompromising joint supplement with Green Lipped Mussel


More Green Lipped Mussel than any other supplement


Provides multi-action joint nutrition


Supports the anti-inflammatory process


Formulated with grass meal, carrot and apple pomace for palatability


HRI, Turf Club, FEI, BHA and Jockey Club compliant

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“After using Nupafeed MAH calmer with much success, I began to use Flex GLM for Bill, our oldest team horse who we sadly said goodbye to last year. Bill was competing at international level right up until his retirement at age 22yrs and our vet always remarked on how free moving he remained despite the work he was doing. I have no doubt that Flex GLM contributed greatly to this. I now use Flex GLM on my older team horses and they no longer pull out stiff after hard work."


Boyd Exell, FEI World Champion

“At 18yrs Oroness is jumping as well as ever. This is our 11th season together, she’s a grade A that has has jumped up to national grand prix level. She’s been on Nupafeed Flex GLM for the last 3yrs. It’s fundamental to the fantastic ability she continues to show as she matures. Flex is one part of her routine that I would not change and have felt a marked difference in her ever since we have used it, I highly recommend it to anyone (and everyone!)”

Mia Palles-Clark

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