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How much do I feed?


300Kg – 40g per day

500-600Kg – 70g per day

700-800Kg – 100g per day


A 2Kg tub will last a 500Kg horse approximately 1 month.


It is best to begin by feeding a double amount for the first 14 days if required.



How much of the active ingredients does Flex GLM contain?


Per 70g basic measure for a 500Kg horse –

Green Lipped Mussel – 7g (7000mg)

Selenium (sodium selenite) – 0.7mg

Vitamin E – 4665.5mg

Magnesium – 0.7g



Why is Flex GLM different to other joint supplements?


Flex GLM uses Green Lipped Mussel which is famed for its ability to support the body’s anti-inflammatory process. Flex GLM contains far more of this extract than any other supplement. We use only the highest quality, stabilised GreenshellTM mussel which retains very high levels of Omega-3.


Flex GLM is palletised to ensure even delivery of nutrients throughout the tub. This also helps to protect the delicate Green Lipped Mussel extract from oxidation on the shelf.



How long will Flex GLM take to start to work?


Most horses will improve in the first two weeks to one month. For more severe problems, it is best to feed a double amount for the first two weeks.



Is Flex GLM safe to feed with other supplements or medications?


Yes, you only need to be aware that Flex GLM contains selenium which can become toxic in excess. The feeding levels in Flex GLM are very safe and account for normal dietary consumption, but you should avoid supplementing large amounts of selenium in addition to feeding Flex GLM.



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