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BSC-SeaBuckthorn for Horses

BSC-SeaBuckthorn for horses is a unique plant extract that provides complete gastric, digestive and immune support. It contains over 100 active bio-nutrients including Omegas -3 -6 -7 and -9, polyphenols, carotenoids, and oligosaccharides.


SeaBuckthorn supports gastric healing and encourages the natural mucosal lining which protects the stomach from its acidic contents. It has been shown to support gastric health in horses subjected to intermittent feeding.


These benefits extend throughout the gastro-intestinal tract, helping to support against inflammation and irritation in the hindgut too.


BSC-SeaBuckthorn for horses is a highly effective prebiotic and is high in non-digestible fibres which help to bind mycotoxins. It works to stabilise the hindgut and improve digestive efficiency (helping your horse to gain maximum nutrition from the diet), ideal for horses with a sensitive hindgut and poor doers.


With its exceptional anti-oxidant profile, SeaBuckthorn provides great support for the immune system and overall good health. The Latin name for the plant literally translates to ‘shining horse’; such was its fame for helping to revitalise tired war and work horses.


We work with The British SeaBuckthorn Company (BSC) in order to ensure a quality, traceable product with high nutritional value. This is essential as SeaBuckthorn extracts will rapidly degrade with poor harvesting, handling and storage.


BSC-SeaBuckthorn for horses provides a unique all-in-one boost for horses that experience gastric and immune challenges due to exercise, travel and stabling. It can also help horses to manage disruption from changing grass and supports horses with dietary allergies.




Feed 180ml daily for the first week or as required.

Reduce to 90ml daily for maintenance.

Use the loading amount around times of travel, competition or as needed.

Total daily amount is best split between two or three feeds.





Complete gastric and digestive supplement


Supports healthy skin and immunity


Highly palatable liquid supplement


Produced with the British SeaBuckthorn Company to ensure the highest quality product


HRI, Turf Club, FEI, BHA and Jockey Club compliant


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I have been using Seabuckthorn for the last 5 years. I now see far fewer gastric upsets and consequently our horses have better appetites, which in turn means less acid build up in the gut.


Neil King

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